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Our journals are indexed with many national and global agencies including, ERIC, EBSCO, SWETS International, Library of Congress National Serials Data Program, and the Copyright Clearance Center, Danvers, Massachusetts.

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National FORUM Journals cover a wide range of topics from renowned scholars in the fields of education, applied research, counseling, business, international affairs, and multicultural issues aimed at providing research and professional development. All published articles are reviewed by professionals in their respective fields during the national refereeing double-blind, peer-reviewed process. Articles are available online. No fee is assessed for downloading articles.

NFJ Policy on Plagiarism: The editors at National FORUM Journals strive to avoid instances of plagiarism. Honest errors, consisting of APA formatting and citation mistakes, may occur in some instances. If you suspect a published article contains an honest error or is plagiarized, please provide documentation and contact Dr. William Allan Kritsonis, editor of NFJ at The corresponding author(s) will be notified.